Marhaba! Morocco Cooking provides you with a variety of historical and cultural backgrounds in addition to natural landscapes. Morocco Cooking is a family company its aim is to organise cultural tours for exploring the imperial and medieval cities either you are single or family group. Within Moroccan tours, you can have different trips and tours starting from the northern mountains till the desert in the south.

Morocco cooking consists of a team of young educated who descended from Berber old parents who were forced to imigrate from High Atlas Mountain and settled in Fez. We are really proud of our ancestors and multi languages speaking drivers. We are so much interested to share our past knowledge and heritage with you and this would be offered in luxurious and confortable cars that reflects our Moroccan idetity.

Thanks to its cultural and natural diversity, Morocco is one of the best tourist attraction in the world, the diversity of ethnic groups: Morish, Berber, Jewish and Arabs also played an important role for that. All of them lived together for a long time in perfect harmony and peace. Morocco Cooking agency’s target is to arrange a variety of tours and trips all over Morocco including different cultural activities: class and how bread is made, one of those activities we provide you with no matter if you are in a short or a long period vacation. Believe it we are able to make the experience last in your mind for life.