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This recipe is for forming a very delicious traditional tagine that is very famous and used as an Entrée.


– 1.5 kg chicken (cut into pieces or just thighs)

Ingredients for preparing the Marinade of Chicken :

– pinch of saffron

1 warm water cup

– The pulp the preserved lemon

– A little of cilantro along with parsley

– 2 large garlic cloves

Spices :

– 2 teaspoons paprika

– ginger

– cumin

– pepper

– olive oil

Ingredients for the tagine:

– 2 onions

Spices :

– 2 tablespoon olive oil

– salt

– ground turmeric

– 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

– green olives

– 1 preserve lemons

the ingredients

Set up the saffron water by utilizing the saffron and splashing it for around 10 minutes.

Utilize The safeguarded Limon by isolating the mash from the skin and after that hack easily the mash while saving the skin for the later advance.

Hack easily the Cilantro and the parsley and mash the garlic cloves keeping in mind the end goal to marinate the chicken.

In a huge bowl join:

Blend all the said fixings until the point that everything all around blended.

Place the chicken in the “charmoula” and precisely rub every one of the parts. Place it in the fridge for no less than 60 minutes.

Hack the extra onion pieces.

Pour delicately somewhat Olive oil amidst the Tagine and cover it with Onions alongside some salt and Turmeric.

Place the chicken into the onion blend.

Cooking the tagine :

You should be cautious utilizing a warmth diffuser keeping away from the consuming of the base of the tagine, so put it first before putting the tagine.

Utilize a medium-low warmth and cook for around 20 minutes, and afterward decrease the warmth to Low and cover the Tagine, by cooking it 1 hour or more.

From that point onward, include the lemon squeeze alongside the green olives and place the saved lemon skins over the chicken

Until the point that you include the required measure of salt and the sauce has thickened, you can add more 15 minutes. Bon Appetit.
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