Receive a true Moroccan masterclass during your trip to the desert, and benefit from one of the greatest cuisines in the world. This Desert cooking class will provide you with a perfect setting for enjoying your cooking and an incredible atmosphere. This will be your chance to discover the mysteries of the best Moroccan recipes. Including Couscous, Moroccan bread, Tagine and mint tea… What better place to join local Berbers and get to know with their special way of cooking, so don’t miss this great professional Sahara cooking class.

Discover with us the best Desert Cooking Class

You will start your Desert cooking class upon meeting your professional chef and discuss with him the meal options you would like to prepare. Then, learn about the ingredients as well as the special spices that are used to prepare delicious tagines. While at the same getting more information about this special Berber Moroccan culture.
You will join a Berber family in their house, to experience their cooking secrets that have passed down from one generation to another. With cooking professionals and chef that are at your disposal, you’ll find everything in ease. They will interpret for you everything in English while giving you help as you learn the techniques of the traditional local cooking.
Today in Desert Cooking Class, you will learn how to make a special meal named “Medfouna” Berber pizza, and prepare mint tea. Besides, get the knowledge of tagine with an imaginative range of spices. Plus, learn how to make bread and cook it in a very traditional way above a wooden fire. Finally, sit back lift the lid of the earthenware tagine and enjoy a delicious lunch cooked by you. While relaxing in a great place to view the majestic desert landscapes.
This is an ideal chance to find out about the Moroccan Berber cuisine that provides a healthy diet and intriguing flavor combinations.So, for more inquiries please contact us and we will organize this enjoyable Sahara cooking class for you.

What’s included in Desert Cooking Class:

  • Transfers
  • Professional chef
  • Tasting food
  • Family friendly