Experience the warmth and the richness of the true Moroccan hospitality and enjoy a traditional cooking experience where not only to cook but also to interact with the locals. This Marrakech cooking class intends to demonstrate Morocco from another part and understand its precious culture through its food. So, what better place to learn and cook delicious Moroccan dishes than Marrakech. This is a typical blend of cultural immersion with a chance to explore Morocco’s delicacies.


Experience the true flavors of Morocco in this Marrakech cooking class

Following a morning pick up from your riad or hotel in Marrakech, you will be driven to our chosen location. Here you’ll meet the delightful Moroccan chef and discuss with him the meals you would like to prepare; you can choose some kinds of tagines such as (tagine with dried fruits, meat or meatballs with tomato sauce, fish, and chicken), prepare Moroccan salads like chopped cucumber with tomato, Bakoula, Taktouka or Zaalouk. Furthermore, you can cook a dish based on Couscous and bake bread… The choice is yours! Then follow your chef through through the winding medina alleys to purchase all the necessary ingredients.


Back to the house, you’ll first learn about traditional Moroccan dishes, ingredients, and their preparation. Your friendly chef will teach you all that you need to know introducing you to traditional Moroccan equipment, an array of aromas such as the spices and the conical pots that you will use to prepare traditional tagines. Finally, sleeves rolled up and start cooking with your expert chef. After finishing sit back, relax and dig into your home-cooked meals while enjoying a friendly chat with your new friends.

When the cooking day finishes you’ll find yourself with a background knowledge of the Moroccan cuisine and experiencing one of the best culinary classes; that you can share at your homeland with your friends.

What’s Included

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Professional Driver
  • Food tasting
Marrakech Cooking Class
Fez Guided Tour