Morocco is a culinary gem and what better way to experience this than on a Marrakech Tasting Tour. We offer an enjoyable journey to explore Moroccan Street Food for our voyagers and foodie lovers. An Authentic Food Tasting Tour that takes you through the backstreets of Marrakech. So get ready to savor the best of Marrakech flavors!

Marrakech Food Tour

You’ll start your Marrakech Tasting Tour after meeting your guide depending on the time you have chosen (morning or afternoon). Start with an introduction about the city’s market culture and history, then stroll in Marrakech’s bustling medina. You’ll find stalls filled with fresh fruit, poultry, meat and vegetables. Watch locals making traditional pastry and get a look at how local people wrangle in the market.

Begin immersing in new flavors and appreciate tastings like charcoal-baked tagine or sweet baked pasteries. Get some information about the different tagines and the mysteries of cooking it. You’ll bring home with you an exceptional gift ever: a local recipe! Before moving to your next stop, revive yourself with a heavenly almond drink that it’s one of the delicacies that local people love.

Go to the souks and investigate the side roads to find food tat regularly missed by voyagers. indulge in the sellers’ stalls and be flabbergasted by the flavors and colors. Make sure to try some of the products on offer including sweet dates and juicy olives. Your private guide can explain to you the differnet dates and olives that you’re eating, simply ask all your questions.

Proceed to the labyrinth alleys of the Medina and look at how cookers prepare méchoui (the spit-simmered lamb or sheep in a pit oven). Visit more local eateries to attempt significantly more flavorful tastings, for example, kofta and tangia presented with crisply prepared bread. Take in the scents of cumin, saffron and new herbs and be impressed with extraordinary flavors.

At the following stop, you’ll test different kinds of delicious salads made from crispy ingredients. Finish your journey in the Moroccan style, in a remarkable cafe and taste a glass of mint tea together with your local guide. Find out about the habits and traditions for drinking tea, while listening stories that the local will tell you. this enjoyable Marrakech Tasting Tour will conclud by a drop off at your hotel/riad.

Marrakech Tasting Tour
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